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Evergreen, CO - FAQs and Resources

The majority of the Colorado Is Home team calls Evergreen home (or has at some point), so to say Evergreen is near and dear to our hearts is an understatement!

Aerial view of Evergreen Lake, Evergreen Lake in Evergreen CO, Hiwan Hills, Hiwan Hills Neighborhood in Evergreen CO, Evergreen Lake from overhead, mountain sunset, sunset over Evergreen Lake
View of Evergreen Lake from the Hiwan Hills Neighborhood

Why should I buy a home in Evergreen, CO?

We like to say that Evergreen is the best of both worlds for those who are looking for a mountain lifestyle with easy access to amenities. Within Evergreen, there are multiple grocery store options, access to health care and dental care, schools that consistently rank among the highest in the state, and wonderful shops and restaurants. More on local restaurants, art galleries, shops, and other local businesses here.

What jobs are available in Evergreen, CO?

Plenty of Evergreen residents commute "down the hill" to Denver for work. There are areas of Evergreen that are also suitable for remote work. Local businesses are also usually hiring - the Evergreen Chamber of Commerce's job board and Jefferson County and Clear Creek County job postings are a few good resources for local positions!

What is there to do in Evergreen, CO?

Evergreen is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, with hiking and biking trails as well as recreation centers, fishing, kayaking, ice skating, and hockey. Not to mention our local ski area, Echo Mountain!

Some of our favorite local events include the Evergreen Rodeo, Dam Duck Derby, and Lake Concerts - see a full event calendar here.

How far is it from Evergreen, CO to Denver?

Evergreen is approximately 35 minutes from Downtown Denver, or approximately 20 minutes from West Denver.

Elk herd in Evergreen, CO, Elk in Evergreen, Colorado, Colorado Elk in Snow, Elk in Snow, Evergreen, CO Elk Herd, El Pinal elk, El Pinal Evergreen, Wah Keeney Evergreen

What kind of wildlife live in Evergreen, CO?

Known for its resident elk herd, Evergreen is home to an abundance of wildlife, including foxes, bobcats, wild turkeys, bear, mule deer, and mountain lions. This Parks and Wildlife resource is a helpful guide to coexisting with our local wildlife.

How much snow does Evergreen, CO get?

The average annual snowfall in Evergreen is 80.8" - with snow generally falling anytime between September and May, according to the National Weather Service. The snowiest month historically is March, with an average of 17."

What's the elevation of Evergreen, CO?

The elevation around Downtown Evergreen is 7043' above sea level, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS).

Average home price in Evergreen, CO graph, Average home cost in Evergreen, CO stats, home prices in Evergreen, CO

What's the average home price in Evergreen, CO?

The average sold price of a single family home hovers around $1M in Evergreen, with the average sold price of a single family home hitting $1,136,229 on average in 2022, according to REColorado data. That said, there is a mixture of values in the area, with home sales lately ranging from the $300Ks to the multimillions.

Can I find good internet in Evergreen, CO?

Yes! You absolutely can find internet speeds to rival those you'd find in the city in some - but not all - parts of Evergreen. We are very familiar with internet options in various neighborhoods and we set our buyers up on a MLS search that specifically targets areas that meet their internet requirements.

Can I have an Airbnb in Evergreen, CO?

There are restrictions and limitations on any kind of short-term rental in Evergreen, whether located in Jefferson or Clear Creek County. We've seen rapid changes in these restrictions within the last few years and are happy to provide you with the most updated resources - just shoot us an email at!

Evergreen Lake House, Evergreen Lake, Evergreen Parks and Recreation Lake House, Ice Skating in Evergreen CO, Hockey in Evergreen CO, Ice skating in Colorado
The Evergreen Lake House, with the lake ready for ice skating and hockey

Can I have a tiny home in Evergreen, CO?

Both Jefferson and Clear Creek County mandate that a tiny home on wheels can only be occupied within a specific zoning district (mobile home park). Otherwise, tiny homes and manufactured homes generally must be constructed on a permanently engineered foundation. We're happy to chat with you about specifics and get you the most updated land use resources.

Is it expensive to build a home in Evergreen, CO?

Much of the remaining vacant land here requires extensive excavation for driveway access, the foundation, and well / septic. We frequently work with buyers who are interested in building and we'd love to hear more about your vision and talk you through some of the major expenses and considerations.

Are wildfires a problem in Evergreen, CO?

We are considered a high risk wildfire zone so wildfire preparedness is important in our area. Evergreen Fire Rescue is a good source of information and specifically their Community Wildfire Plan. In Jefferson County, we'd suggest that you sign up for emergency notifications from LookoutAlert (or CodeRed in Clear Creek County). From an insurance perspective, we have local resources who are familiar with wildfire risk and who can ensure you're properly covered.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you'd like to learn more about Evergreen!


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